Greek Gods Geocoin Series: Heracles


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This series of special geocoins will be released over the coming months. Collect the entire series, or just the ones that inspire you the most.

Coins measure approximately 1.75 inches in diameter. They are trackable at with a unique icon.

Notes from the designer, Chris Mackey:
Here’s the next one in the series and sure to be a favorite as one of the most infamous and noted Greek figures. Heracles, the half-human son of Zeus who must overcome the 12 Feats set forth by his step-mother in a jealous rage over his father’s infidelity with a human.

On the face side we have our hero surrounded by the head(s) of the hydra in the most historically portrayed of all his challenges and on the reverse side the full 12 challenges he will overcome before being tragically burned alive by his second wife (which luckily transforms him into a full Olympian god in the end). His personal symbol, the knot of strength, is centered and bracketed about by the symbol of his father Zeus, portraying his immortality on the left and his olive branch club (his usual weapon) to the right.


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