Greek Gods Geocoin Series: Rhea


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This series of special geocoins will be released over the coming months. Collect the entire series, or just the ones that inspire you the most.

Coins measure approximately 1.75 inches in diameter. They are trackable at with a unique icon.

Notes from the designer, Chris Mackey:
Rhea essentially the “mother” god of the Pantheon holding dominion over the growth of forest, field and animal life. She’s known for her affinity with the great cats and is often portrayed in their company or being pulled on a chariot by them. She is symbolically depicted as a Pillar supporting bounty flanked by lions. The base of the pillar on the reverse side is inspired by the Lion Gates of ancient Mycinae. She is surrounded by the six symbols of her six children who become the major permanent gods of the Greek pantheon. She is the goddess of music (cymbals upper left) and dance (ritual Greek dancer upper right) and was shown deference by Greek soldiers who would beat their shields to appease her will for great bounty in battle (shields lower left with harp of music and lower right with summer sun of growth).


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