Solar System Geocoin – Venus


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The 2nd rock from the sun has been called Earth’s twin. Unfortunately for Venus, Earth has over 3 million more geocaches, so there isn’t really much reason to go there.

Are you on a Planetary Pursuit? Well, then maybe you should get some cool geocoins along with those digital souvenirs!

Geocaching is going out of this world, and we are celebrating with a collection of cool planet coins! This series of 9 coins will be from nano (Pluto) to jumbo (Jupiter) and many sizes in-between.

The Venus Geocoin is approximately 1 3/8 inches in diameter. It is larger that most micro geocoins but a bit smaller than a standard full size coin.

This coin features a unique Earth scene on the front, and the astronomical symbol of Venus on the back.

Each solar system coin has a unique tracking code and is trackable at with a unique icon.


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