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Located not far from the Southside of the Whitehouse and in the Northern portion of the Ellipse is the Zero Milestone Benchmark. Sadly most people don’t pay attention to the monument since they are more interested in taking photos of the Whitehouse. However, this monument has some of the most significant history in America. Dedicated on June 4th, 1923, the Zero Milestone Benchmark was the point that all roads are measured from in the United States. Its purpose is similar to a same monument the Romans used when creating a road system to connect all of their territories. The Romans understood that without good roads, economical transportation is not possible. The front of the coin is of the bronze compass rose design that rests on top of the granite stone monument. The backside of the coin has the names of the two convoy missions which started from the monument and traversed the U.S. to publicize the Good Roads Movement.

You can read the fascinating history of this benchmark monument at: – Highway History – Wikipedia

You can view its location at Google maps.

See the page about this benchmark PID HV1847.

  • Measures 1.75″ diameter
  • 3-D image on front side
  • Translucent colors
  • Trackable on
  • An icon specific to this coin will show on your profile when you log a find


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