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What is your sign?

For those that come here often, you know that when we have a special series, it is common for us to turn to our friend and celebrated designer Chris Mackey. When we decided that we would like to do our very own Zodiac series, we knew that his intricate designs and incredible detail would make this a special collection.

Collect all 12 of the signs or just the ones most special to you!

Pisces is the seventh geocoin in our Zodiac series. The dates for Pisces are February 19th – March 20th.

Each of these unique coins are trackable at Geocaching.com with a unique icon. They measure approximately 1.75 inches in diameter.

Please note: The tracking code is located on the side of this coin.

Here are some design notes from Chris Mackey: 
Pisces is known for having two fish, but it can be surprising to learn that the two fish are actually the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros(Cupid) in disguise.  They donned the disguise of fish to escape the Typhon, the father of all monsters.  The two fish are often illustrated as one residing in heaven (Aphrodite) and one residing on earth (Eros) and connected by a spiritual link or line between. 

Because of this I’ve altered the backgrounds to fields of water and fields of stars.  The constellation is even called Venus Syria cum Cupidine.  On the face side we have the two fish in their respective abodes with their namesake symbols in hand/fin.  The serpentine symbol of Typhon looks on in the outer rim as they’re surrounded by the stars and name of their constellation. 

On the reverse side we see the constellation below their overlapping symbols of Eros’ Arrow & Heart with  Aphrodite’s Flower of Life inside the ancient stylized wave border.  The triplicity is shown as Venus in the Day Ruler position, Mars in the Night Ruler position and the Moon overhead of both as the Participating Ruler in their Zodiacal alignment.


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