Pin your purchase during events!

As of today we will be able to let you pin your purchase at events if you hold the following cards:

  • Credit Cards: American Express, VISA & MasterCard.
  • V – Pay and Maestro bankcards.

2 thoughts on “Pin your purchase during events!”

  1. When you come to Geocoinfest, if we want to pre-order and pick up at Fest, do you charge us in Euros or in dollars. Do we need to pre-pay, or can we pay when we pick it up?

    1. Hi Janice,
      It’s easier if you pre-pay with PayPal or a credit card so it doesn’t matter which currency it is.
      If you want tp pay in US$ at the geocoinfest in Houma, I will apply a 1 Euro = 1.1 US$ rate.

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