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Dear UK customers,

This is not a pleasant message for me!

We knew since 4,5 years that Brexit would become a reality and become come effective 31 December 2020 midnight. But less than a month to this deadline many practical matters are still very unclear for trading goods between the EU and the UK from 1 January 2021 onwards.

Large companies that have specialists working on these issues, such as worldwide operating shipping companies, have send me messages that deliveries to the UK from Belgium will continue but that their tariffs will increase. How much exactly is not always very clear. Whether the same delivery times will be respected is not mentioned. Even less clear is how much import duties will be charged to you by the UK custom duties.

I could behave as if there is nothing to worry about but I prefer to take a conservative approach to this situation. Although really hoping everything will run smoothly, I don’t want to engage in endless email conversations about delays in deliveries, too expensive shipping costs and unexpected custom duties. Also, if the worst case scenario would become real, namely that customs are being overloaded and packages get lost on a regular basis (it’s not even a rare exception today) I feel that that value of geocoins is not worth all that possible trouble.

So, while apologizing to my UK customers, shipping to the UK will be suspended as of 15 December 2020 until the time I judge shipping costs are predictable, custom processes and delivery times are more accurately known, and also you have become familiar with applicable custom duties so you can make a full cost evaluation when buying geocoins from my shop.

I am aware that some of my UK friends strongly believe everything will run smoothly and will not support my decision. Please believe I take this decision not only in my interest, but even more in yours.

Kind regards,
Luc De Haes


Belgian Post has announced they can’t guarantee deliviries at home during this Holiday Period as they are overloaded. I want to be on the safe side when it comes to orders on my webshop. I will ship for free (I will deliver myself) for customers in Belgium for orders of at least 25 Euro, ordered by December 6 at the latest. Please note, delivery will be made between December 8 and 17, 2020 on a day of my choice. If the package does not fit in the letterbox, you (or your neighbor) are hopefully at home. The “Coupon” code you have to enter is “belgium” (without quotes). The coupon only works if you order for at least 25 Euro and this at the latest on December 6, 2020.

Coronavirus Covid-19

The world is aware about the widespread disease Coronavirus Covid-19 in China. Fewer people are aware that, because of a governmental decision, workers were not allowed to return to their factories after their 14 days Chinese New Year holidays.

Two weeks further now they are, as of today, still not allowed to return to their work. Although it is expected that within a few days this prohibition will be lifted, nothing is sure.

China has now been creative in designing work methods so people can work from home but as everybody will understand, certain jobs request physical presence near production machinery. As a consequence many orders will result in considerable delays in delivery time. We know Chinese people are inventive and can turn such situations to the best pretty quickly, but also here nothing is guaranteed.

We kindly ask our customers to be understanding and patient!

Thank you!

Luc De Haes
GeoCoins for All

Improved shipping rates

As of today our shipping rates are better adapted to the actual costs of different countries. Luxembourg, France, The Netherlands and Germany, but also the United States are now cheaper to ship to, still with registered mail and tracking codes.


Christmas is a time for giving and receiving presents. Nothing better than a geocoin can make geocachers happy!

GeoCoins for All joins in the giving of presents an this weekend is the last weekend to buy them 😉

Any order received this weekend, 19 and 20 December 2015, exceeding 50 Euros (exclusive postage costs) will be entitled to ONE FREE geocoin out the following options (*):

ROT13 Decoder Geocoin – Antique Silver, or
Aztec Pirate Geocoin – Antique Silver, or
CORVETTE RACER (one of the 8 versions)

Mention your choice in the note section of the cart/check-out page!

Merry Christmas!

(*): valid for as long as the 3 options do not run out of stock all 3 of them!


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