Celebrating 20 Years of Geocaching Charm Bracelet


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Celebrate 20 Years of the game we all love!

Geocaching was made possible when the “Big Blue Switch” was flipped on May 2, 2000 and has been growing and evolving ever since. From the Original Stash to now over 3 million geocaches worldwide, this game has always been made possible by the amazing community that supports it.

This charm bracelet comes with 4 charms to celebrate the “Original Stash” and the 20 years of geocaching that have followed.  Add more items to make your bracelet your own, and perhaps even more trackable!

The Celebrating 20 Years of Geocaching Charm Bracelet features four trackable charms and is ready for you to add more!

Included is the charm bracelet, the Celebrating 20 Years of Geocaching Nano Charm, and these 3 charms that commemorate items in the Original Stash:

  • A can of beans
  • A VHS tape
  • A sling shot

Each trackable charm has it’s own unique tracking number that is trackable at Geocaching.com.


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