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The Mighty Zeus: #12 of 12 in the series

This series of special Geocoins is now complete! Collect the entire series, or just the ones that inspire you the most.

Knowing that we wanted this series of geocoins to be a special part of any collection, we reached out to celebrated designer Christian Mackey to create these exclusive designs. We are proud to present this collection of amazingly detailed Geocoins of interest and beauty. They truly need to be seen to be appreciated.

Dimensions: These measure approximately 1.75 inches in diameter. They are trackable at with a unique icon.

Notes from the designer, Chris Mackey:

On the face side we have Zeus in his position of judgement or rule which is a sitting position with the staff of his office in hand. He is depicted with an eagle as a symbol of his rule over the heavens, one of the three provinces divided among his brothers and Gaia. Zeus wears the horns of the ram on his brow and while I initially thought it had to do with his demeanor, it was apparently common to see him depicted thus as one of the most pro-creative of gods in the Pantheon. He sires hundreds of children through gods, demi-gods, mortals and fey creatures during his rule. His name is punctuated with his symbol of the lightning bolt, his weapon of choice.

I found it interesting that after the escape of Cronus he is the oldest brother followed by the other gods who were born prior to himself but held in the purgatory of Cronus’ belly. He was born last, but becomes the oldest through this act and the champion of all gods who come after when he defeats both his father and the titan rule of the universe that came before his birth. I had never realized before, but as the oldest of three brothers, he has a lightning bolt spear with a single stabbing tine. Brother number 2, Hades, has a 2 tined bident. Brother number 3, Poseidon, has a 3 tined trident.

On the reverse side, we pay tribute to his office as a fair ruler among the gods and mortals alike. His symbol is the bull and the oak. The strength and ferocity of the bull, the resilience and patience of the oak are both primary attributes in the stories of his life. He is beset by hundreds of tests, tribulations, attacks and trials designed to bring him down or strip him of office, but time after time he is victorious and earns the laurel crown of victory. The words “Patre Omnia” or Father of All bracket the bull and are bookended by the scales of justice.


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